How To Determine The Right Table Cloth Sizes?

Top-quality-linen-cotton-thick-table-cloth-140x180cm-etc-or-any-custom-made-size-Factory-direct.jpgIt is very important to choose the right size of table cloth so that the ambience look good. If you are not that capable of electing the right table cloth size then you should conrinue reading this blog. If you are planning to purchase a stylish table cloth for your dining table then make yourself prepared to grab the best one. For a more elegant look, you may want your tablecloths to hang all the way to the floor. But if you are budget conscious then you will have to be a little bit elective.

First of all you should measure the table top and the height of your table. After that you need to choose the amount of drop you would like to have. The standard banquet table is 30' high and for a drop that hangs halfway to the floor. The drop that hangs all the way to the floor will need 60' size of the table cloth.

Before you go for shopping make sure that you know the right measurement of the table cloth. Determine the height, length and width of the table. Include the leaves or extensions in this basic measurement. If these will be extended just for special occasions, you will need two tablecloth measurements: one with extensions, and one without.

If your table is rounded in shape then you should look oit for somrthing that is toundedin shape. If by any misrake you pirchased a rectangular shaped table cloth then not only your money but your effort will also go total wastage. Square, oval and oblong tablecloths use the same formula to determine tablecloth size. For width, add the drop times two, and for length, also add the drop times two. To know more on wholesale table linens, pay a visit to Tablecloth Size.